Terms and conditions

Introductory Provisions

  1. The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”) of PrahaTransfers.cz services are valid for all types of passenger transportation services PrahaTransfers.cz, which is recorded in the Czech Commercial Register under the name of the company HOME OUTLET sro, IČ: 05043140 (hereinafter “PrahaTransfers.cz”), from registered office of Rýmařovská 434/9, 19800 Praha 9, Česká republika. The indicated conditions for participation in all travel services of the travel company PrahaTransfers.cz are regulated by the Civil Code (§ 852) and adjusted in accordance with Law No. 159/1999 Sb. on certain conditions in the field of tourism.
  2. The terms of use of PrahaTransfers.cz are an integral part of the business legal relationship between the customer and PrahaTransfers.cz.
    I. The parties to the contractual relationship are: a) PrahaTransfers.cz, with the registered address Rýmařovská 434/9. 199 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic, Section C registered by a city court in Prague under the name of the company HOME OUTLET sro, IČ: 05043140, case No. 257015, which enters into a contractual relationship, and b) a tourism services customer who can be either an individual or a legal entity (hereinafter “Customer”).
    II. The topic of contractual relations These conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the sale: 1. accommodation, meals, transport, excursion and other services (hereinafter referred to as “tourist services”)
    III. Entry into force of the contractual relationship
  3. The contractual relationship between the customer and PrahaTransfers.cz for each travel service comes into force after the customer agrees to the terms of use of the PrahaTransfers services, which he can read and agree to before starting the process of purchasing PrahaTransfers.cz services on the website www.PrahaTransfers.cz or in the company office .
  4. PrahaTransfers undertakes, according to the date of the completed order, to provide travel services to the customer, except in cases of changing the date of the order with the consent of the two parties. The obligations of PrahaTransfers to provide travel services come into force after the payment of the order by the customer.
    The contractual relations come into force when ordering (orders are accepted only in writing):
    1) on the online page www.PrahaTransfers.cz, where you can fill out your data by form and select a service.
    2) By writing an email to orders@prahatransfers.cz or info@prahatransfers.cz, where the customer’s name will be indicated, contact, what service the customer chose, how it will be paid.
    3) by WahtsApp or Viber application to the phone number +420 776 888 115
    All orders are accepted 2 hours re provision of services and in writing forme.
    IV. Price and terms of payment
  5. The customer must pay the cost of travel services after they are provided. Payment of the cost of travel services is considered the day of receiving cash from the customer, or the day of receipt of funds in a bank account when paying by credit card.
  6. Security measure when buying a loan with a credit card. When buying a loan with a credit card, we can require a copy of the passport data to confirm the identity of the owner of the credit card.
  7. The customer will not pay prepayment when booking travel services, unless of course the customer himself wants to pay the full cost of the services on PrahaTransfer.cz.
  8. PrahaTransfers.cz has the right to unilaterally increase the price of a trip if there is a rapid increase: a) fuel prices, with a delay in the driver or the guide “further guide” b) a change of more than 20% of the Czech crowns exchange rate used for determining the price of the tour. The change may take effect up to 14 days before the start of the provision of travel services. A written notice of price increases must be sent to the customer at least 14 days before the start of the tour to the customer’s email address.
  9. If you order a transfer in the hours from 0:00 to 6:00, prices can change by + 15% Payment options:
  10. Payment in cash: a) upon transfer after arrival to the specified address to the driver;
    b) during the excursion, payment at the office or payment to the Guide after the excursion; c) when renting a car with a driver, payment after the rental to the driver.
  11. Payment by bank transfer: To pay by bank transfer, it is necessary to transfer to the account: IBAN: CZ04 6210 6701 0022 0643 5770SWIFT: BREXCZPPXXXAppointment of payment: Your name and phone number Recipient name: PrahaTransfers.cz Recipient address: Rýmařovská 434/9, 198 00 Prague Prague by bank transfer within the Czech Republic for transfer, use: 670100-2206435770 / 6210 If you pay by bank transfer, after receiving the money, we will send a confirmation voucher to the indicated e-mail with confirmation of payment, where it will be written who paid for what service, when the service will be provided and places about meeting with the contact details of the customer and PrahaTransfers.
  12. Payment by credit card: you can pay by credit card with the driver when ordering a transfer or excursion with a pedestrian choice.
    V. Cancellation of agreed services by PrahaTransfers.cz
  13. Cancellation of agreed services:
    a) PrahaTransfers.cz has the right to cancel travel services before using them, if for objective reasons it cannot fulfill its obligations.
    B) If PrahaTransfers.cz cancels certain travel services, the client has the right to demand that PrahaTransfers in accordance with the new by order, provided other travel services that are equivalent to the original order. If the customer is not satisfied with the new alternative order, then PrahaTransfers.cz is obliged to return to the customer all the prepaid funds of the previous order.
    C) PrahaTransfers.cz has the right to cancel the tour or certain travel services in connection with the inevitable force majeure events that it cannot prevent. PrahaTransfers.cz is allowed to terminate the order due to the cancellation of a trip or the cancellation of a separate tourist service prior to the provision of travel services. PrahaTransfers provides the customer with a written notice of cancellation of the order. The action takes effect from the date of receipt by the customer of a written notice.
    VI. Customer Cancellations
  14. The client has the right to refuse the order:
    a) at any time before starting to use travel services. The customer must forward to PrahaTransfers.cz a written notice of refusal to use the ordered travel services. The notice must include the name of the customer, last name, address, phone number. The customer’s refusal takes effect from the date of receipt of a written notice by the PrahaTransfers travel agency.
  15. If the customer cancels the order up to 48 hours before the start of the ordered services, there will be no cost of money. And if less than 48 hours, then PrahaTransfers.cz has the right to demand 20% of the service amount.
  16. If the customer does not begin to exhaust tourism services without prior written notice of cancellation of the order, then its costs amount to 100% of the pre-determined price of the order.
    VII. Complaints and Complaints
  17. In case of poor-quality provision of PrahaTransfers travel services, the client has the right to file a complaint or claim with PrahaTransfers, where money can be returned to him. The method of claim, the complaints and complaints procedure is regulated by PrahaTransfers.cz.
    VIII. Insurance
  18. Individual health insurance is the responsibility of the tourist, and is not part of the travel services of PrahaTransfers.cz.
  19. If the customer does not use the possibility of individual travel and accommodation insurance in these cases, he agrees that he independently bears full responsibility, costs and risks associated with the lack of individual health insurance.
    IX. Tour regulations
  20. PrahaTransfers.cz conducts excursions according to a pre-planned schedule, which indicates the total number of hours of the excursion, delivery time, working hours of the guide, the amount of free time. Changes to the regulations at the request of the client are additionally paid by the client. These Terms come into force and effect on April 1, 2013.
    Terms of promotion from 1.1.2020 – when ordering a round-trip transfer, a 10% discount is applied to return transfers!