Terms and conditions

Action -10% – offer is valid from January 1, 2016 until further notice, while ordering transfer back and forth, you get a 10% discount on return transfers, but the date and time of return transfer must be included in the initial order, otherwise the action is not valid. We work without a backup, so you’ll always pay for the provided service separately.


In the event that you called because of force majeure does not collect in your specified time, you are entitled to financial compensation.
In case you can not find our driver, immediately contact us on telephone number +420 776 888 115. If you are not satisfied for any reason with our service, you are entitled to a refund in accordance with our Terms of Service.
Contingent compensation is the amount which, however, is up to 100% of the agreed price.


We accept cash payments in currencies CZK, EUR, GBP, USD. If you have also ordered the return transfer, please pay the total amount at once at the first way of our drivers receive from him a certificate of full payment.


If you need to cancel your order, please let us know at least 2 hours in advance. If you do, everything will be fine and you will not incur any cancellation fees. Cancellation accept phone, SMS +420 776 888 115 or email orders@prahatransfers.cz


If you need to make any change in your order, just when you inform us by phone or SMS +420 776 888 115 or email orders@prahatransfers.cz
Any changes in the order are free.
All listed prices for the transfer / transportation does not include the gratuity for the driver. So if you are satisfied with our service, the amount of gratuity fully to your will.